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Kimberly Parmer is a native Atlantan with a rich and deep rooted familial and spiritual foundation.  Kimberly believes that the stability, enrichment and empowerment of family structures are the key to one’s success. 

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Kim's City Council District 4 appointment will bring a redefined focus on District 4.  Our platform message and continued committment to this District is to Focus on 4: Pride, Passion, Purpose & Proactive Results!


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Photography by GIA Studios

Photography by GIA Studios

Kimberly Parmer is a native Atlantan with a rich and deep rooted familial and spiritual foundation. Kim's City Council District 4 appointment will bring a redefined focus on Pride, Passion, Purpose & Proactive Results. She is a proud graduate of the outstanding Frederick Douglass High School in Atlanta. There she was introduced to the engineering world and was a participant in the engineering/ math/ science magnet program. Afterward, she attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN graduating with a degree in Chemical Engineering. 

Kimberly’s passionate & active roles as the West End Historic District Neighborhood President, STEM summer camp and career day Speaker, one of the foundational Atlanta Beltline transit advisory committee member, and Chair of the Zoning and Land Use community demonstrates her strong leadership ability to influence change. Her professional, business and community activism career spans over 15 years. She has mastered bridging the gap in assisting communities, municipalities, government agencies, and private industries in meeting their quality of life challenges. As the next city Councilmember, she will fight for the stability, enrichment, and empowerment of the family and community structure. Kimberly believes these are the foundations to true success.

Photography by GIA Studios

Photography by GIA Studios

What I have already accomplished for District 4:

    • Lead, planned and hosted the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition’s (ABC) 1st SW route, as the West End Historic Neighborhood President, for Atlanta Streets Alive 
    • Joined forces with the neighbors of Westside Communities Alliance (WCA) and Georgia Tech on a variety of community issues including the Northside Drive Corridor study
    • Influenced the decision of over 20 homes and businesses for the City of Atlanta on zoning requests, alcohol licensure, review board applications, comprehensive development, and land use plans
    • Organized Brown Middle's Schools annual coat drive 
    • Served (and currently serves) as an advocate of STEM/STEAM education, careers, and businesses
    • Influenced the decision for new/updated residential street lighting (on Oak Street and Oglethorpe)
    • Influenced the decision for new parking signs around West End Park
    • Compiled street, sidewalk & bridge maintenance projects for infrastructure bond
    • Served as an advocate for MARTA’s TSPLOST Bill & Upcoming Transit housing developments
    • Reinstated National Night out; a national event to raise public safety awareness and meet new neighbors
    • Established new relationships with Beltline’s Economic Development group to engage new businesses in SW Atlanta commercial districts
    • Hosted Senior homeowner tax exemption workshops
    • Influenced neighborhood engagement with City (Local) & State Regional Partners


    A Redefined Focus for District 4: Passion-Pride-Purpose & Proactive results.


    Focus: Housing development without displacement, Property Tax & Rehab incentive/credits for existing residents; especially our seniors, and community land trusts for property preservation. Kim will also focus on Stricter code enforcement violations on absentee landlords and owners for vacant/blighted property. As well as  the implementation of a City wide Inclusionary housing policy with affordable unit options and fee in lieu fund that can be used for rental and down payment assistance.


    Focus:  Kim supports an infrastructure that includes all modes of transportation that's safe, green & sustainable. Having a transit oriented development with a planned commercial component especially at Oakland City train station will help to increase the value and trust in all transit services.

    education & Community

    Focus: Kim is an advocate for quality public education for all (kids & college students) and proactive rezoning that brings more mixed use residential & retail development (live/work/play).

    Atlanta City Council Elections

    November 7, 2017


    Starts:  Monday October 16th

    Ends Friday November 3rd

    Monday - Saturday: 8:30am - 7pm

    Sunday: Noon - 5pm



    Saturday Oct 28th: 8:30am - 7pm

    Sunday October 29th : Noon - 5pm


    **Changes to residence must be completed by:  October 10th

    **Must be registered to vote by:  October 10th


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